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I hope you are enjoying this planning stage, please call on 0411 058 058 if you need any clarification.

My schedule of inclusions and fees:
  • All Meetings: Usually 4 including Rehearsal and Wedding
  • Travel up to 70kms, on the day of the wedding. Please know that on the day of the Wedding if my round trip is over 70Kms the trip is calculated as 73 c per km after 70kms. Sample: 100 kms round trip equals 30 kms x .73 = $21.90 on top of Scheduled Fee.
  • The Stylising and Crafting of your Vows and Ceremony – A Minimum of 6 hours
  • Supply of Audio/Microphones/ and of course the delivery of the Ceremony
  • An IPod cable is also available if you are not using live music
  • The legal obligations to pronounce you as Husband and Wife and present you as such to your family and friends
  • The lodgement of all Legal Documents as well as your application for the Marriage Certificate.
  • The Certificate taken home on the day is hand written by the very talented Timothy Payne, Calligrapher.
  • A signing table and Chairs, if not provided by the Venue.
  • I also hold a Diploma in Event management which is a great asset when it comes to understanding all that is involved in the planning of your very special day.

The Fee of $850 consists of a deposit of $150 and following payments may be paid in one or two instalments. The last instalment would be appreciated 10 days prior to your Wedding.

What you need to have on hand at the first meeting:
  • Your Original Birth Certificates or O/S Passports if born Overseas and haven’t a translated Birth Certificate.
  • "The Notice of Intended Marriage" Document (Form 13). This would be filled out together or I can forward one to you…note that your signatures are witnessed by the Celebrant.
  • An Australian Passport is acceptable as proof of Birth if you are unable to source above mentioned documents.
Other documents that may be relevant are Divorce or Deceased Spouse Papers.
The NOIM  should be sighted by the Celebrant no later than one Month prior to your Wedding date.

Other things to know:

We will organise meetings to discuss your Ceremony and get to know each other as well as via email and phone chats or even Skype.
I can meet with you at my after hours office in Annandale, or during the day at an agreed location.
If you have specific questions please don't hesitate to call me.
Have fun with your wedding Planning.

I thank you for considering me to be your Celebrant and looking forward to hearing from you.

My warmest regards,
Linda Marsden
The Celebrant