- The most important thing you should know, are the Legal Requirements that must be completed before a Ceremony can be performed.
- 'The Notice of Intended Marriage' found at: www.ag.gov.au should be completed and sighted then witnessed by a Celebrant no later than one month prior to your wedding date.
- This document is then kept by your Celebrant.
- A statutory declaration form will also be completed before your Wedding as well as a Certificate of Marriage.
- When the Ceremony is completed the Celebrant will lodge all Documents with Births Deaths and Marriages.
- The documents you require to complete the NOIM are your original Birth Certificates , or Overseas Passport if you were born Overseas.
- If you were previously divorced or a spouse is deceased you also require appropriate evidence of either.
- Please download The NOIM from The Attorney General's Website as sighting the document will give a little bit of clarity.
The minimum wording legally required for your vows are:
"I call upon the persons here present to witness that I 'John X / Jane Y' take thee 'Jane Y / John X' to be my lawful wedded wife / husband.
Yes, as long as the minimum requirement (the words in the question above) are stated prior to your own pledges or promises.
Yes I have a portable PA system which is included in the fee and I also have iPod connectivity if you wish to use your own music rather than live music.
Yes and tablecloth, all included in the fee.