Who is Linda Marsden?

I believe that our own friends know us better than anyone, so I have asked a few of my dearest to answer a question each so that you may learn more about who I am. If you would like to read more reviews from couples I have married please see follow this link: Linda Marsden the Celebrant
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How would you describe Linda’s personality?
Linda is a particularly social person, who has a caring nature, and an excellent rapport with people of all ages, and walks of life. During the time that I have known Linda, she has been employed by Qantas in various capacities, both administrative and as a Flight Attendant, and has done so with enthusiasm and commitment. She is extremely popular with her colleagues and has also been the recipient of numerous customer service letters of appreciation.
Jane Nelson
What would you say about her personal and ethical values?
In both her private and working life, Linda is organized and extremely competent. She seems to achieve her goals with the minimum of fuss. She is honest, dependable and reliable. A compassionate individual she embodies the philosophy of treating others as you yourself would like to be treated. Linda is always available to lend a helping hand to those that need it.
Nicola Walker
What other attributes would make her a good Marriage Celebrant?
After 30 years as a Flight Attendant, Linda is used to dealing with all sorts of scenarios and people. She is, too, raising her young family among the culturally diverse community of the Inner West in Sydney. Both of these experiences mean that she is equally comfortable performing all styles of weddings, from the themed to the intimate. Linda is an energetic person, with excellent communication skills and social values, which stand her in good stead in her role as a celebrant.
Donna Carey
It is always a little strange learning how your friends perceive you, but it is also affirming and you may find their comments of use, after all choosing a celebrant is a very important decision.

Warmest Regards

Linda Marsden

By the way, I do have more than just three friends ;)